Fanatec CSL DD

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec CSL DD 5nm baseplate

The best sensations

✅ 5 or 8 nm Direct Drive base

✅ Excellent driving feel

✅ Total immersion with precise, fluid force feedback

✅ Numerous steering wheel options available

✅ Compatible with all platforms

❌ Slightly premium price compared to Logitech

Logitech G29

Logitech G29 steering wheel test and review

The best for small budgets

✅ Great prices

✅ Bundle complete with base, steering wheel and pedals

✅ Fairly good driving feel

❌ Gear-driven base

❌ Compatible only with Playstation, but an Xbox version (G920) is available

If you’re not yet into sim-racing, you might be tempted to set up a complete setup with a base, steering wheel, and pedalboard to get started. These three peripherals are the minimum for any sim-racing design, whether for amateurs, fans, or pros. Finally, for the most experienced racers, other peripherals will undoubtedly depend on the sim-racing titles. Rally drivers, for example, will have a handbrake or even a shifter. But that’s not the point.

A little research on the Internet will tell you that there are currently several players in the sim-racing world, with brands that focus solely on this discipline. The most concrete example is the German peripheral manufacturer Fanatecwhich we’ll cover in this article. But we also have brands that try to be everything to everyone, such as Logitech, which makes both sim-racing and gaming peripherals for PCs and consoles.

In this article, I will tackle a problem that every sim-racer has faced: Which brand of peripherals to choose? To highlight this, I’ve decided to compare Fanatec and Logitech with the CSL DD and the G29the flagship products of both brands.

Fanatec and its CSL DD

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec CSL DD 5nm base unit


  • 5 or 8 nm Direct Drive base
  • Excellent driving feel
  • Total immersion with precise, fluid force feedback
  • Numerous steering wheel options are available
  • Compatible on virtually all platforms

Disadvantages :

  • Slightly premium price compared to Logitech

Fanatec is undoubtedly the best-known brand in sim racing, and Direct Drive bases are the reason why. It has to be said that, over the years, the German manufacturer has built up an excellent reputation for releasing premium, well-designed products with sim-racing in mind. By the way, BMW chooses Fanatec to equip its cars with wheels, which speaks volumes for the quality of the sim-racing peripherals manufacturer’s products.

With over 20 years of experience in the game, the Fanatec brand has established itself as the Go-To for sim-racing peripherals, whether for beginners, amateurs, or professionals/racing drivers. The German manufacturer’s ecosystem is complete, with bases, steering wheels, cranksets, shifters, and handbrakes, with high compatibility and extensive customization.

Let’s talk about the CSL DDFanatec’s entry-level Direct Drive base. This base represents the first step into the world of DD flywheels. The German manufacturer offers headquarters in two power levels, 5 and 8 nm, to accommodate as many racers as possible. The design is minimalist and beautiful, with a metal shell and plastic covers. The CSL DD is dressed in black, with just the Fanatec logos. It’s very handsome, and this base will go well with all sim-racing setups.

The steering shaft has a QR system that allows all Fanatec steering wheels to attach to it, and that’s the beauty of the German manufacturer: all its sim-racing peripherals are compatible with each other, and you can customize your setup as you see fit.

Torque-wise, you’re in for a treat. The base performs well in 5 or 8 nm of maximum torque. The sensations are there, whatever track you’re in front of. You’ll feel everything the car you’re driving does, and that’s the beauty of a base. Direct Drive. Whether it’s changes of direction, loss of grip, vibrations, or collisions, you’ll feel everything at the wheel, just like in a real car. The base CSL DD is a well of sensations and pleasure; few competitors do it better.

Let’s move on to the rest of the setup. As I said earlier, Fanatec is renowned for having a complete, highly compatible ecosystem. As a result, you can have a CSL DD with any steering wheel in the catalog and any pedalboard or shifter. All Fanatec products will work together on all platforms.

But all these advantages come at a price, and it’s a high one. Fanatec is a premium brand of sim-racing peripherals, and its products are relatively expensive when you buy everything at once. For a setup with a base, steering wheel, and pedalboard, expect to pay no less than €550 if you take the peripherals individually. You can save a little by taking the bundles offered by Fanatecand. These start at €500. It’s expensive, but it guarantees quality, immersion, and realism.

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Logitech and its G29

Logitech G29 bundle steering wheel test and review


  • Beautiful price
  • Complete Bundle with base, steering wheel and pedals
  • It has a pretty good driving feel

Disadvantages :

  • Gear-driven base
  • Compatible only with Playstation, but an Xbox version (G920) is available

Logitech is a significant player in the computer and console peripherals industry, with flagship products that have marked generations, notably mice and keyboards for gamers. But the manufacturer doesn’t stop there and also touches the world of sim-racing with products that have left their mark. I’m talking, of course, about the G29, the most popular in the sim-racing world.

These two bundles are popular mainly because they are affordable and offer a pretty good driving sensation. It has to be said that most sim racers can’t afford a high-performance setup, and that’s what Logitech has focused on with its two bundles.

Nevertheless, the G29 remains an entry-level sim-racing device with a good driving feel. The base is gear-driven, with two motors. This is somewhat old technology, but Logitech has mastered it. Sensation-wise, it’s not bad, but there are some driving “blurs” and a dead zone in the center. This is quite normal, given that this steering wheel is not Direct Drive, and the device’s maximum torque is not precisely at the same level as the CSL DD.

As for the wheel, or steering wheel, it’s rather qualitative, with an aluminum structure and leather all around. The buttons are ergonomically well placed, which is very helpful when driving. Above the center, you’ll find a RevLED that lets you shift gears immediately, thanks to metal paddles. For the price, frankly, it’s a lovely, well-made wheel.

As for in-game sensations, what can I say… It’s pretty basic while still providing the essentials. You won’t feel everything the car does, as you would on a DD base, but it’s much better to drive with a G29 than with a joystick. The pedals are decent, but nothing more. The force feedback system is provided by a spring and an end-stop, which gives it some feel. Still, for the price, it’s not that bad.

Currently, the G29 can be exchanged for a small hole in your finances of €250, representing half of a setup at Fanatec.

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Which one to choose?

The question now is which one to choose, and I know exactly what you mean. These two wheels are very different, and here’s a short list to help you decide.

  • Budget. I always start with the budget, as this is often the element most considered when choosing. For a Fanatec setup, you need at least €500, and the G29 comes in at half that. As a result, racers on a limited budget will turn to the Logitech bundle, and understandably so.
  • Sensations. Simply put, the CSL DD is way ahead of the G29 in terms of feel, even though Logitech’s steering wheel is pretty good. If you want total immersion, you must turn to Fanatec and its products.
  • Availability. Fanatec peripherals are only available on the brand’s website and are often out of stock. Logitech can be found everywhere, from online stores to retail outlets.
  • Compatibility. Fanatec steering wheels are generally compatible with all platforms, which is not the case at Logitech, where you have steering wheels for Playstation (G29) and Xbox (G920), even if the latter are identical on paper.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, and if, unfortunately, it hasn’t, perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for by looking at my review of the best steering wheels for Sim Racing by clicking right here.