Since its release, the PS5 has sold over 25 million units worldwide. That’s a lot, especially considering Sony has only been on the market since November 2020.

When it comes to racing games, Gran Turismo is a household name. The Made In Sony racing simulation has sold well, even becoming a must-have on the brand’s various consoles. For fans of racing games, a controller will do the trick. But for sim-racing fans, there’s no better way to immerse themselves in the world of motor racing than with a steering wheel and pedals.

Fanatec is a global player in the sim-racing industry. Its products are not only world-renowned but of excellent quality. Offering peripherals for sim-racing configurations for over 20 years, this brand has always provided premium, virtually quality products unrivaled.

For fans of sim-racing on consoles, you finally have the chance to take full advantage of this discipline, which is no longer exclusive to the Windows platform. Between the steering wheel, base, pedalboard, and other peripherals, Fanatec touches on everything and offers a peripheral for every taste. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to spend a little time on Gran Turismo or a hardcore F1 fan, the brand has a product or range of products in its catalog.

Today, I will introduce you to some steering wheels compatible with the latest console from Sony, the PS5. I’ll be hitting several price ranges to accommodate all pockets.

Podium Racing Wheel F1®

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1

Advantages :

  • Compelling force feedback
  • Metal and carbon-fiber finish
  • Official F1 license

Disadvantages :

  • A very premium price
  • Difficult to get to grips with for novices

Instead of presenting an entry-level steering wheel and moving on to the top of the range, I’ve decided to start with the top of the content from Fanatec, le Racing Wheel F1® Podium. So, this wheel is perfect, and I’m weighing my words carefully.

Under official F1 and Sony licenses, this steering wheel is fully compatible with the PS5 as well as the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. For fans of Microsoft’s console, I’ve got bad news for you: this wheel is incompatible with the Xbox. The base is, but not the revolution. You’ll need an Xbox-compatible wheel to pair it with the ground.

The base of this wheel uses Direct Drive from Fanatec with a maximum torque of 20 nm. Frankly, it’s just enormous, ultra-realistic on-force feedback, sending you straight into the cockpit of an F1 with the ultimate driving experience.

Regarding manufacturing, this steering wheel doesn’t disappoint and is worthy of Fanatec; metal and carbon fiber are on the menu. The four metal paddles are magnetic. The result: an incredible feel and precision of use on games that support DRS, Lunch Control, and so on. I told you this steering wheel was perfect for sim-racing fans!

In terms of controls and buttons, it’s got it all. Buttons (those of the PS4/PS5), switches, toggle switches and a 2.7″ OLED screen. Of course, all controls are accessible without your hands leaving the steering wheel (except for the rules), thanks to its well-designed and superbly implemented ergonomics. The same goes for the grip, which is perfect for sim-racing fans and confusing for those new to the discipline.

Being used to the standard steering wheels, Fanatec, I must admit that it took me a while to get used to the F1 podium. At first, the shape seemed odd, especially keeping my hands in a fixed position and the 20 nm torque. The Direct Drive offers an unprecedented and, above all, unique force feedback sensation. To my knowledge, no device on the market provides 20 nm torque, except the Podium F1.

I was talking a bit about the price of this gem. I warn you, it’s not cheap, especially when it’s officially licensed. F1. The Podium F1 costs €1,799.95 excluding special offers and €1,299.95 with special offers. Sim-racing with a real racing wheel F1 and a base DD 20 nm has its price. I believe this device remains ultra-premium and aimed at hardcore sim-racing fans who can afford it.

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The McLaren GT3 V2

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Steering Wheel


  • Official McLaren license
  • Excellent value for money

Disadvantages :

  • Plastic Quick Release (QR 1 Lite)

As its name suggests, this steering wheel is officially licensed by the McLaren 650S GT3. For GT fans on PS5, this steering wheel is simply the perfect peripheral to have, especially for its price. Priced at just €199.95, this steering wheel has virtually no rivals for GT3 fans, regardless of price, manufacture, materials, or quality.

Admittedly, the McLaren 650S GT3 is an officially licensed Xbox console, but it will work perfectly on Sony, provided you have a base compatible with the PS4 and the PS5. You’ll find all the Xbox buttons on the wheel, with switches, paddles, and a one-inch OLED screen. Some may think this is very small compared to other screens on Fanatec, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s enough for the price of the steering wheel. Don’t forget that we’re talking about a peripheral for less than 200 €.

There are four magnetic paddles made of anodized aluminum. As with a McLarenYou can change gears with a single paddle, pulling it towards you to switch gears and pushing it back to downshift. Practical. What’s more, the steering wheel is fitted with two other similar paddles that can be used for different modes:

  • “Mode Advanced Clutch Bite Point
  • “Fashion Clutch/Handbrake
  • “Fashion Brake/Throttle
  • “Fashion Mappable

I will now move on to the design of the McLaren GT3 V2. The wheel is 30 cm in diameter and weighs just over a kilo. The wheel is not round, as on other steering wheel models. Fanatec since it’s an official replica of a GT3 STEERING WHEEL. I liked the design, especially its sobriety. I’m not a big fan of brightly colored steering wheels, which immediately attract attention in a sim-racing setup.

The McLaren GT3 V2 is an excellent steering wheel for very little money, especially considering its build quality and official license. McLaren. If you plan to buy this steering wheel, I’d advise you to check which bases are compatible with the PS5 before clicking on the order.

Another point to consider is its Quick Release: the QR 1 Lite is known to be, at best, of average quality. It’s plastic, and there’s some play when you turn the wheel a few degrees so the game won’t register minor trajectory corrections. I’ve also had several problems with the QR 1 Lite disconnecting the steering wheel. So, to get an excellent sim-racing feeling, I recommend you buy the aluminum QR with this steering wheel. It’ll cost you around €100 more, but at least you’ll have an excellent steering wheel.

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Gran Turismo DD pro

test and review of the GT DD pro fanatec steering wheel


  • Attractive price
  • A bundle with the steering wheel, base, and pedals
  • Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel

Disadvantages :

  • Plastic construction

This steering wheel, the Gran Turismo DD ProGran Turismo DD Pro, or GT DD Pro, has been specially designed for Sony consoles. The bundle includes the Gran Turismo steering wheel, a pedalboard, and a Direct Drive base, all priced at €699.95.

Some will think that this price is too high for a steering wheel and pedalboard, but fans of sim-racing and Fanatec will tell you that it’s not expensive for what you get. Supplied with a 5nm Direct Drive base, a GT steering wheel, and an aluminum pedalboard, this bundle is ideal for people who want to get into sim-racing without a big hole in the bank account.

Everyone knows that Fanatec is a premium brand in the sim-racing industry, just like its products. To offer such a bundle at less than €700, compromises had to be made, notably on the steering wheel materials.

The steering wheel of the Gran Turismo DD Pro is made of plastic, as is its Quick Release (QR 1 Lite). As for the steering wheel and feel, I didn’t feel any difference between this and a CSL Elite. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the durability of aluminum, but the steering wheel feels good in the hand and is quite solid.

But when it comes to the Quick Release, it’s not the same story. The QR 1 Lite is made of plastic to attract a broader clientele with a relatively low price on specific peripherals. The problem is that it induces a few degrees of play at the steering wheel, with a small “dead” zone before the car changes direction when the wheel is turned. It’s not lag or anything; it’s just a play in the QR, meaning the information isn’t transmitted to the base. For newcomers to the world of sim-racing, this isn’t disturbing. But for fans with hundreds of hours of driving experience, they’ll feel the difference right away, and they won’t like it.

Apart from this gameplay problem, the Gran Turismo DD Pro is an excellent entry-level product for Fanatec. If I were you on a limited budget, I’d take this bundle and add an aluminum QR (sold separately at €100) to make it perfect for the price.

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Which one to choose?

In this article, I’ve only shown you three steering wheels from Fanatec. It’s worth noting that the German brand makes many of them for all budgets and everyone. If you’re new to sim-racing on PS5I, I strongly advise buying an entry-level bundle like the Gran Turismo DD pro.

The price is right, and the sensations are there. If you want to upgrade to a better sim-racing experience, stay with the same bundle but swap the QR 1 Lite for the aluminum one. This will enable you to eliminate steering wheel play and its dead zones. With a setup like this, you will have the best time driving Gran Turismo or any other racing game.

I’m leaning towards the McLaren GT3 V2 and its sim-racing sessions. But Fanatec sells this steering wheel on its own, so you must take a PS5-compatible base and pedals. As a result, you’ll quickly end up with a setup costing close to €1,000 if you choose only entry-level or mid-range peripherals. Fanatec.