A leading brand of sim-racing peripherals, Fanatec needs no further introduction. The German brand has been active in the game since the 90s, and many of its products are considered best-in-class.

Fans of Fanatec are to be found worldwide and are very active on social networks, platforms, and other forums. I’m one of them, and I think it’s the only brand of sim-racing peripherals that offers simply unbeatable value for money.

Like you, at some point in my life, I was seduced by the products of Fanatec and wanted to buy some to start my sim-racing adventure. At the time, I was financially less stable and had a minimal budget for a steering wheel and pedals. A word of advice: if you’re starting in sim racing, forget about buying a gearshift, handbrake, or cockpit. It will cost you a lot of money unless you can afford to treat yourself.

Unlike other brands, Fanatec does not offer coupon codes on its products except during Black Friday. This brand should be seen as the Apple sim-racing: they know very well that their products are excellent quality and will always find takers. What’s the point of offering promotions if your products sell like hotcakes? Well, there’s no point, except in lost profits.

But there’s always a way to get your products. Fanatec at discounted prices, and we’ll see how to do that.

I know of two methods that have always worked for buying Fanatec products at reduced prices. The first is to exploit a page on the official site of Fanatec, which is not very well known, and the second works by making purchases like bundles.

Method 1: Fanatec.com’s secret page

There are different ways of using a website, such as the good, the better, and the not-so-good. Regarding Fanatec and buying products on special offer, I present you with the best.

On the brand’s website, there’s a page or a tool that groups all the products of Fanatec on sale. On accessing the site, you are invited to choose a platform (PC or console), and the site will display the corresponding products.

It’s the best way to take a quick look at all the active promos on the site active promos on the Fanatec siteour wallet. Practical.

Method 2: The bundle

A bundle is a grouped offer of products with, typically, substantial discounts. On a fortune, you’ll often find discounts of 20 or even 30% on products. Sometimes even more.

As for the first method, there is a page on the manufacturer’s website where you can see all the available bundles for sale and their prices. This is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the world of sim-racing without blowing your budget – apart from doing your shopping during Black Friday.

Fanatecbundles typically include a pedalboard, a steering wheel with Quick Release, and a base for the steering wheel (CSL DD, for example). Price-wise, it’s almost always unbeatable.


Beware of coupon code scams!

One more time, Fanatec does not offer coupon codes on its products. Of course, with the methods I’ve shown you, you’ll save money by buying cheaper products, but you won’t find coupon codes—Fanatec on other websites/forums.

It’s a phenomenon that’s gained a lot of momentum in recent years, and many people believe in it because there’s a ” Voucher code “on the brand’s website. This field only works for codes offered by Fanatecon’s website.

With codes found on the Internet, either they don’t work, or they’ve already been used. Either way, you’ll end up with an error and disappointment. I told you above: to save at Fanatec, follow the two suggested methods or wait for offers from Black Friday.