Thrustmaster T-GT 2

Spencer Pumpelly

Test and Reviews of the Thrustmaster T-GT-2 Steering Wheel

Advantages & Disadvantages

✅ Excellent force feedback and feel thanks to a 40-watt Brushless motor
✅ Use of patented technologies such as T-DCC, T-RTF
and T-AEC-Q
✅ Good quality crankset
✅ Quick Release integration
❌ High price
❌ Crankset without Load Cell

Let’s face it: As time passes, more and more racers are tempted to swap their good old joystick for a complete racing setup with a steering wheel, base, and crankset. I must confess that this was the case for me long ago. I swapped my Xbox controller for a sim-racing steering wheel and haven’t regretted that choice.

It has to be said that the market for racing simulation peripherals is crowded with brands and, above all, products. Take Thrustmaster’s catalog, for example; the manufacturer offers a vast range of sim-racing products, with a rather bizarre categorization if you ask me.

This choice is not random, fortunately for the brand. Thrustmaster does this to offer a product, mainly a steering wheel, for each sim-racer, as they have different needs.

In what follows, I will introduce you to one of Thrustmaster’s top-of-the-range models—thrustmasterthe T-GT 2. I’m going to tell you about its features, its advantages and also its few disadvantages.

Main and technical features of the steering wheel

  • 28 cm diameter wheel
  • 1080° angle of rotation
  • Central aluminum steering wheel structure
  • 15 buttons total
  • 40-watt brushless motor
  • Compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC
  • Base-mounted cooling system
  • Patented technologies T-AEC-Q, T-DCC, T-RTF, T-LIN, T40-VE, T-DFB, T-F.O.C, T-M.C.E, H.E.A.R.T and T-TURBO
  • Integrated, easy-to-use Quick Release system
  • T3PA GT II crankset included in the bundle
  • Wireless connectivity


The Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is not a steering wheel from nowhere but the successor, as its name suggests, of the T-GT. However, the brand didn’t put too much thought into its design, as it’s almost identical to the one that precedes it, and that’s a real shame.

This steering wheel is officially licensed Gran Turismo and thus adopts the stylistic codes of Sony and the title’s development studio. Overall, it looks good, even if a few points look cheap, including the Use of plastic here and there.

The wheel uses brushed aluminum for its structure and leather to cover it. It’s beautiful and premium, a change from the brand’s other steering wheels. The Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is a high-end device, and this choice of materials goes without saying.

The base is pretty, with a very sober, minimalist design. The manufacturer has opted for well-placed grilles, revealing the beast’s innards. This is very well executed and allows excellent air circulation to cool the motor. The engine doesn’t heat up, even after hours of sim-racing.

Thrustmaster T GT 2 Steering Wheel Review

Custom mounting

Thrustmaster has always offered mounting systems that are both easy to use and robust, which is the case for the T-GT 2. Whether using a table, a desk, or a cockpit, mounting this steering wheel won’t be a problem.

Moreover, the manufacturer has added a Quick Release system, allowing you to swap wheels quickly and easily. You can, for example, attach a wheel Ferrari 250 GTO or Formula, which are both compatible with the base of this steering wheel, allowing you to use this product for different disciplines (GT, rally, F1etc. etc.) because let’s face it: the rotation of the Thrustmaster T-GT 2 can’t do everything because of its design (entirely round).

Manufacture and finish

Once again, the manufacturer delights us with unparalleled quality and finishes with the Thrustmaster T-GT 2. It’s almost perfect, even if I didn’t like the “aluminum” trompe-œil on the bottom of the steering wheel. It’s a plastic plate and looks cheap. I’d rather not have had it at all, frankly.

Apart from this little faux note, the rest is just perfect. That’s to be expected, you might say, given that this is a high-end steering wheel with a high price tag. The leather is well-made and covers the entire reel. The paddles are aluminum but a little small. However, they click very well and are ultra-responsive.

As for the base, there’s nothing to say. It’s very well executed, with perfect finishes combining plastic and metal. As for the crankset, the T3PA GT II is a very well-made product, too. It uses metal for its structure and pedals, offering a pretty decent feel. But more on that later.

Handling the steering wheel

Handling the Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is excellent, with both studied and well-thought-out ergonomics. All buttons and other controls are well-placed and within easy reach. Well, except for a few buttons, but these won’t interfere with driving in any way.

The steering wheel is firm, solid, and doesn’t move from its base, provided it’s firmly attached to the setup. Your hands will naturally find themselves at 9:15, but remember that this steering wheel is relatively small with its 28 cm diameter. This won’t be a problem for many sim-racers, but those who want a quiet ride on certain tracks might find it awkward.

As for the pedals, I think they’re pretty good. The footrest is wide, accommodating almost everyone, and the pedals are well-spaced apart.

Feel during play

Let’s discuss the most critical aspect of a sim-racing wheel: the feel. Simply put, Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is an inexhaustible source of sensation and an immersive black hole. Instantly, you’ll be teleported inside a Porsche GT3 on the Green Hell.

I’ve never felt such sensations on a steering wheel with a Brushless motor, i.e., those from Thrustmaster. The precision is surgical, and the force feedback is just honest. You’ll even be led to doubt that you’re sim-racing in your apartment or house.

Usually, such flywheels, i.e., with Brushless motors, have blur and dead zones in the center. But this is not the case with the Thrustmaster T-GT 2. As soon as you turn the wheel one degree, the car reacts instantly, and the steering wheel provides, in return, everything the vehicle is subjected to.

As for the pedals, they’re perfect overall and add a touch of immersion. However, the brake is not a Load Cell. You have a stopper with rubber on it, and that’s it. For the price of Thrustmaster T-GT 2I, I would have preferred a better quality device, or at least one with a Load Cell system.

Test and Review Thrustmaster T GT 2 bundle steering wheel


The Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is a recent steering wheel. On sale since 2021, it has been developed for the PS5 and Gran Turismo. This makes it compatible with Sony’s latest console, the PS5, as well as the PS4 and PC. So, if you’re looking for a steering wheel compatible with Xbox consoles, I invite you to read this article: The 6 Best Steering Wheels for Xbox Series X in 2023

Regarding sim-racing setups, you’ve got a bevy of cockpits that support virtually all Thrustmaster products, with brands like Playseat, among others.

However, you should know that some technologies, such as the T-DFB steering wheel vibration, are only compatible with Gran Turismo titles, and that’s a bit of a shame, I think.

Value for money

For €739, the Thrustmaster T-GT 2 is a relatively expensive flywheel, especially considering that the motor is a belt-driven Brushless.

However, this motor technology makes it hard to find better than the competition in terms of feel, realism, and immersion. You get an excellent base providing 6 nm of max torque, an aluminum steering wheel with QR, and a pretty good pedalboard for this price.

By the way, you can get it cheaper on Amazon, at around 690€.

My verdict

Thrustmaster wanted to play it safe with the T-GT 2 by offering a steering wheel with techno that the company masters very well and with a high level of immersion. If you’re a Thrustmaster fan, the T-GT 2 is a must-have. But if you’re looking for a more durable product in terms of technology, I recommend the Fanatec CSL Gran Turismo, which you can discover by clicking here. The wheel is plastic, but the motor is a 5 nm Direct Drive. Also, the Fanatec goes on and on. But if you’re not convinced, I invite you to read my article on the 6 Best Steering Wheels for Sim Racing in 2023.