Playseat Gran Turismo

Spencer Pumpelly

Playseat Gran Turismo cockpit test and review

Advantages & Disadvantages

✅ Very comfortable cockpit for sim-racing
✅ Beautiful design
✅ Official Gran Turismo license
✅ Stable and durable
❌ Fairly heavy cockpit
❌ Dimensions are a little bulky

Over the years, Playseat has offered us many quality cockpits at excellent prices, and the Gran Turismo is one of a line of products worthy of bearing the brand’s name.

Sim-racing fans know the Dutch manufacturer Playseat and are also well aware that they are the leaders in the cockpit field, as is Fanatec for sim-racing peripherals. The brand’s expertise has evolved since the 1990s, thanks in particular to its founder, Dr. Fernando Smit, who had a real passion for racing and simulations.

Today, the Dutch manufacturer has its factories in China, but all the design is done in the Netherlands, and that’s why Playseat always provides us with quality, well-made products.

In what follows, we look at one of the brand’s best cockpits, the Gran Turismo. Manufactured in partnership with the development studio of the iconic racing game on PlayStation, I will introduce it, discuss its design, strengths, and weaknesses, and give you my opinion.

Main features and technical specifications of the Playseat Evolution

  • Officially licensed Gran Turismo cockpit
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable seat
  • The cockpit was designed in collaboration with racing drivers
  • Compatible with a wide range of sim-racing peripherals
  • Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 98 cm
  • Weight: 20.55 kg
  • Shift lever support


Even if not all cockpits are designed with a beautiful design in mind and instead put function before that, it must still be said that the Playseat Gran Turismo is a lovely cockpit. This chassis resembles the racing seats found in GT3s and the like. Sparco.

Playseat collaborated with racing drivers to design the Gran Turismo, and you can see it in the bucket seat, the headrests, the side reinforcements, and so on. The whole chassis is black, as is the heart, and you’ve got white logos all over the place to remind people that this is a “Gran Turismo.” Playseat under license Gran Turismo. I like it, and it goes perfectly with all the setups.

The structure is tubular and sits flush with the ground—the seat bolts to it, with support arms for the chainstay/steering wheel and pedals. There’s also a bracket for a side-mounted shifter, which is sold separately. On the one hand, this keeps the entry price relatively low, and on the other, it allows sim-racing pros to have it afterward for their setup.

Manufacture and finish

Playseat oblige, the Gran Turismo is a well-designed cockpit with an outstanding finish. The Dutch manufacturer has used black steel for all parts of the structure or cockpit chassis if you like. It’s beautiful and, above all, solid.

As for the seat, automotive-grade Alcantara is used to cover the entire backrest. It’s not only beautiful to the eye but also the touch. You feel like you’re in a bucket seat from Sparco or any other automotive supplier.

All surfaces, whether welding or manufacturing, are well-finished, smooth, and burr-free. It lives up to the name of Playseat and the brand’s high-quality standards.

When it comes to comfort, I can tell you that this cockpit is one of the brand’s most comfortable. It’s designed for pilots looking for hours of non-stop sim-racing without fatigue, discomfort, or anything else.

Using the cockpit

The Playseat Gran Turismo is a cockpit designed to accommodate almost all sim-racing peripherals available on the market, including those from brands such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster, or Logitech. Moreover, it’s aimed at drivers who want to race in the mid-range of sim-racing products. The Playseat Gran Turismo is specially designed for essential Direct Drive with powerful force feedback.

This cockpit is positioned as a mid-range model, which opens the door to widespread use in sim-racing for various disciplines. For example, the Playseat Gran Turismo is perfect for {Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa, F1, and many other licenses. The only limitations that may prevent using this cockpit are the user’s weight (max 122 kg) and height (max 2.2 m).

As for comfort, it’s well up to scratch, with a comfortable and adjustable seat, unlike the Playseat Evolution. The backrest adjusts to accommodate all rider sizes (up to maxi), so you can enjoy hours of non-stop sim-racing, as I tried out.

Note that not all is white with the Playseat Gran Turismo. The Playseat Gran Turismo is a little heavy (over 20 kg). If you want a tip, assemble it in a corner and leave it in place to avoid backache.

Sensation in play

So, on this point, Playseat Gran Turismo is a veritable well of sensations, even if the sim-racing peripherals are mainly responsible for the in-game feelings. But this cockpit shines in one fundamental respect: immersion.

With its relatively low seating position and all-round adjustment (backrest, peripheral supports), you’ll think you’re actually in the cockpit of a Porsche 911 GT3 or McLaren. You can also play F1-style sims, but I wouldn’t recommend that with the Playseat Gran Turismo because immersion will be less, mainly due to the driving position.

Playseat has also considered everything by adding a mounting point for a gearshift bracket sold separately. This little peripheral adds another layer of immersion, even if I didn’t enjoy using it. The base/steering wheel support is proper between your legs, which can be awkward for braking with the right foot if you want to steer with three pedals. I think having a crankset with two pedals and using the gearshift in sequential mode is better.

Playseat Gran Turismo cockpit test and review


Regarding compatibility, Playseat always treats us with the utmost attention, and the Gran Turismo is no exception to this rule. This cockpit is compatible with all manufacturers’ peripherals, such as Fanatec, Logitech, Moza or Thrustmaster. Whether you have a base like the G29 or the G920the T150, or the T300the CSL DD 5nm or 8nm, it doesn’t matter because they’ll all be usable thanks to mounting points on the chassis. The same goes for the cranksets, which have their fixing points (CSL Pedals, for example, that you can discover here).

Playseat has also generously offered a shifter mount that fits right next to your right leg. However, it is sold separately for budgetary reasons.

As for platform compatibility, you should know that the Playseat Gran Turismo will work perfectly on all available platforms, i.e., PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Value for money

For around €400, the Playseat Gran Turismo remains one of the best cockpits currently available on the mid-range market. Admittedly, it has a few shortcomings here and there, such as the weight, for example, or the fact that it has a separate gearshift bracket, but this in no way detracts from the product’s value for money.

For its price range, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another cockpit offering the same build quality, sturdiness, and compatibility with sim-racing peripherals.

My verdict

The Playseat Gran Turismo The Playseat Gran Turismo is a must-have for those who want to sim-race regularly and inexpensively. This cockpit is aimed at a mid-range audience (seasoned or semi-pro sim racers). If you’re new to the discipline, I’d recommend its little brothers, the Challenge (Discover here) or Evolution ( à learn here), given their price and placement in the sim-racing cockpit segment.