Fanatec GT DD Pro

Spencer Pumpelly

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle

Advantages & Disadvantages

✅ Bundle complete with Base, steering wheel and pedals
✅ Direct Drive base available in 2 power ratings (5 and 8 nm)
✅ RevLED on steering wheel
✅ Excellent in-game feel
✅ Base compatible with all platforms
❌ Materials used for steering wheel are rather cheap
❌ QR1 Lite in plastic

More and more sim-racing players are getting into partnerships with video game franchises. The reason is that racers, mainly on consoles, are much more inclined to acquire a sim-racing setup if it’s a “limited edition.” A case in point might be the Fanatec GT DD Pro, a steering wheel + base + pedalboard bundle under an official license from Gran Turismo.

The Gran Turismo license has been the dream of many sim racers since its debut on the first Playstation in the 90s. Today, in 2023, it remains a console racing staple, so Fanatec partnered with Sony on its Gran Turismo. GT DD Pro.

In what follows, I will introduce you to this Bundle, which is complete, with a steering wheel, a 5 or 8 nm base (depending on your choices), and a pedalboard. I’ll tell you about its strengths and weaknesses, and give you my opinion.

Main features and technical specifications of the Bundle

  • Bundle with Base, steering wheel, and pedals
  • Available in 2 torque versions: 5 and 8 nm (with boost kit)
  • 28 cm diameter wheel
  • RevLED on the steering wheel
  • Compatible with all platforms (at least the Base)
  • Table/desk mounting system with clamp
  • All-metal pedals (CSL Pedals) with two pedals, available as a 3-pedal kit and Load Cell
  • 11 buttons on the steering wheel, with five directional sticks
  • Plastic paddles


Let’s start with the design of the GT DD Pro. In three words, it’s relatively sober, as Fanatec peripherals more or less are. The GT DD Pro is, in fact, a bundle of sim-racing products found throughout the Fanatec range. We have the base CSL DDon crankset CSL Pedals and a unique steering wheel Gran Turismo.

The wheel looks pretty good, with a design combining black and gray colors. The bottom is flat, with a diameter of 28 cm, which is a little small for my taste, as I’m used to slightly larger wheels (typically 30 cm). The Gran Turismo logo is in the center of the wheel, with a RevLEd just above it.

The buttons are arranged in a very racecar-inspired way, with excellent ergonomics. Reaching all the controls is easy without taking your hands off the wheel.

Test and Reviews of the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle

Custom mounting

The GT DD Pro has a clamp that makes it easy to mount on a table or desk. Position the clamp and tighten the screw at the bottom. Moreover, this mounting system is excellent, easily withstanding the Base’s 8 nm maximum torque.

Also, Fanatec obliges you can mount the GT DD Pro on a chassis directly, using the screws and mounting points provided on the Base. The only slight problem that may arise is finding a chassis compatible with Fanatec bases, at least the CSL DD. But this shouldn’t be the case, given that the German manufacturer of sim-racing peripherals is trendy and is therefore supported by virtually all available cockpits. You can find some of them right here.

Whether on a table or frame, the GT DD Pro remains firmly in place, even in full-blown sim-racing mode.

Manufacture and finish

Let’s get to the part I didn’t like so much about the GT DD Pro Manufacturing quality. The Base and pedalboard are superb. These two devices use metal for their structure; it’s well-finished and smells like a premium product.

However, this is not the case for the steering wheel. The GT DD Pro is priced rather competitively, and sacrifices must be made to achieve this. And by gift, I mean use. of plastic. The wheel of the GT DD Pro is made of plastic and is more geared towards console racers. Even though it’s well made, it feels cheap, and we’re not used to this feeling with Fanatec steering wheels.

The paddles aren’t excellent, and it feels like the whole wheel moves when you apply a certain amount of force. Knowing Fanatec, it must have been Sony who dictated the guidelines for the rotation of the GT DD Pro.

Getting Started with the Bundle

The ergonomics of GT DD Pro are excellent, adding color to a rather dull build quality. Buttons are easy to reach with your fingers, and the steering wheel is easy to get to grips with. The wheel is small (28 cm), but you soon get used to it.

The QR1 Lite is still very easy to use, but don’t forget that it’s plastic and will have a few degrees of play. It’s not too bad on the 5 nm version, and you’ll get used to it after a while, too.

As for the pedalboard, the CSL Pedals are made of metal and easy to handle. You can change the position of the pedals to suit your riding style. That’s a big plus as far as I’m concerned.

Gameplay sensations

Like all Fanatec CSL DD bases, the GT DD Pro provides excellent gaming sensations, whether you opt for the 5 or 8 nm version, although I’m partial to the latter. Force feedback is superbly balanced, whatever the title in front of you.

The only notable weakness of the GT DD Pro is its plastic QR1 Lite. Incidentally, this problem is inherent in entry-level Fanatec flywheels (CSL), and you’ll always have a few degrees of play, no matter what you do. On the 5 nm version, it’s not so intrusive, but you’ll feel it on the 8 nm version. If you opt for the latter, I strongly advise you to take the Metal QR from Fanatec, which sells for an extra hundred euros.

As for the rest, it’s precise; the Base is very communicative about everything the car in front of you is doing, and you’ll feel vibrators, gravel, loss of grip, and so on. It’s fantastic to see a small base provide so many driving sensations, especially if you come from gear/belt drive technology.

As for the crankset, the CSL Pedals are pretty basic but still offer a pretty good feel. The good thing is that you can upgrade it with a Load, making it even better.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Bundle Review


On paper, the GT DD Pro is compatible with Sony consoles or the steering wheel. But Fanatec’s strength lies in its ecosystem, and you can use the Base on all platforms.

The wheel of GT DD Pro is easily swapped with the Quick Release, leaving you with a wide choice of steering wheels available throughout the Fanatec catalog.

Value for money

This Bundle is relatively affordable, with prices of €700 and €850 for the 5 and 8 nm versions, respectively. In Direct Drive and with Fanatec’s experience, the competition pales into insignificance, especially at these prices. It’s not cheap, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better at €700 in Direct Drive and as a complete bundle.

The value for money of GT DD Pro is good; only the steering wheel materials (mainly plastic) hold it back from being excellent. At this price, you get one of the best, if not the best, Direct Drive bases at this power level, a good wheel (with a slightly cheap effect), and a decent crankset, which does the job well.

My verdict

I’m a fan of Fanatec’s peripherals, and the GT DD Pro is again a success. This Bundle allows sim-racing enthusiasts and fans to enjoy excellent racing sessions while blowing up their lap times and not their bank accounts.

If you consider the GT DD ProIf you’re interested in the 8nm version of the Bundle, which I highly recommend, I suggest you take it with the metal QR from Fanatec. And if you’re curious or unsatisfied, I’ll leave you to your own devices. Click here to discover the 6 Best Steering Wheels for Sim Racing in 2023.