Thrustmaster T300RS

Spencer Pumpelly

Test and Reviews of the Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel

Advantages & Disadvantages

✅ Powerful and precise force feedback
✅ Minimalist steering wheel with Quick Release
✅ Good build quality
❌ Crankset is rather basic in design and operation
❌ Button location a hair’s breadth from hands

Although many sim-racing brands have emerged in recent years, the market leaders are manufacturers that have been around since the late 90s. With over 20 years of experience, Thrustmaster has offered us numerous products for all types of simulation: racing, aviation, and more.

As you probably know, every sim racer chooses his peripherals according to his preferences and, above all, his budget. The bank account often plays the role of policeman, limiting our choice of products.

Sim-racing wheels are plentiful on the market, with practically one product meeting the needs of every sim-racer. Thrustmaster has been in the game since the 90s and has established itself as one of the market leaders with an extensive catalog of sim-racing products and peripherals.

For this article, I chose the Thrustmaster T300RS. The Thrustmaster T300RS is a mid-range steering wheel perfect for many drivers. I’m going to introduce it to you and tell you about its features, its advantages, and its few disadvantages.

Main features and technical specifications of the steering wheel

  • Max. rotation angle 1080°.
  • Powerful brushless motor for force feedback
  • The magnetic sensor on the motor for precise angle determination
  • 28 cm diameter wheel
  • Integrated Quick Release system
  • Crankset with two pedals
  • Compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC
  • Official Playstation license


Being a fan of sober ruffles with a minimalist design, I must admit that I love the Thrustmaster T300RS. It’s simple, all black with a blue band at the top. Some sim racers might not like such a sober device, but the T300RS looks good and goes perfectly with all setups.

The wheel is 28 cm in diameter, a standard feature on Thrustmaster steering wheels. It’s made of metal for strength and durability. Having used it for many months, I can tell you it’s solid.

Another distinctive design element is the steering wheel paddles. They’re made of aluminum and are a perfect size. Since the Thrustmaster T300RS incorporates a Quick Release system, the paddles are attached to the steering wheel, which won’t please everyone, as some sim-racers prefer to have them attached to the base.

As for the latter, its overall design is minimalist, with a few buttons on its face. However, its size is relatively large and protrudes a hair beyond the wheel. All in all, it’s in line with Thrustmaster’s basic design.

Custom mounting

The Thrustmaster T300RS is a mid-range steering wheel designed primarily for beginner and amateur sim racers. As a result, it’s easy to mount on a table, desk, or cockpit setup.

Many chassis manufacturers provide mounting points for Thrustmaster steering wheels, and the T300RS is one of them. The mounting system for tables and desks is an M10 screw and a bracket that fits under the table/desk. During my sim-racing sessions, I didn’t feel any instability with this mounting system, mainly because the frame is a good size, providing a wide mounting area for the base.

As for the wheel itself, it features a Quick Release system that allows it to be swapped without too much trouble. However, you should be aware that the choice of wheels is somewhat limited and restricted to the T300 range. Admittedly, this still offers the possibility of customizing the wheel, but only to a limited extent, as far as I’m concerned. Thrustmaster is still a long way from reaching the Fanatec in terms of the wheel ecosystem.

Manufacturing and finishing

From memory, all Thrustmaster products are very well built, with an excellent finish, and the T300RS is one of them. The surfaces of the steering wheel are smooth, with parts that fit together with millimeter precision.

The wheel structure is brushed metal, and the entire edge is surrounded by a perforated material that looks like leather. In absolute terms, it’s very well-made and solid.

When you pick up the Thrustmaster, the grip is excellent, much better than other steering wheels with a leather wheel finish. I find this astonishing. The wheel is well attached to the base with the Quick Release system, which is sturdy and well-finished.

As for the Crankset, well, it’s essential. The structure is almost entirely plastic, as are the pedals, of which there are 2. Admittedly, it’s well-finished and well-built, but it’s still an entry-level device with a mid-range steering wheel. It looks cheap from Thrustmaster, and that’s how the brand manages to sell its products. T300RS is aggressively priced.

Handling the steering wheel

Where the T300RS has not done things by halves, it’s the grip. Even though the wheel is a little small (28 cm in diameter), you’ll feel right at home behind it. Thrustmaster didn’t put a flat bottom on this one, but that doesn’t change a thing in the experience of using the T300RS.

Overall, ergonomics are excellent, even if the buttons are far from the hands, but that’s another story. The material used for the wheel is metal, which gives it solidity and an excellent design. Thrustmaster has also used a kind of perforated rubber for maximum grip.

Hours of sim-racing on it is child’s play. The T300RS is so good at what it does you’ll find it almost impossible to get tired of your sim-racing sessions.

Another positive point: the paddles are a good size. Their magnetic sensor is made of metal, which means they click well and are reactive to the slightest solicitation. However, you should know they are attached to the wheel, not the base. Some sim-racers may find this problematic, but it wasn’t for me.

Sensations during play

The engine of the T300RS is a 25-watt Brushless, providing breathtaking force feedback for the technology. Honestly, without seeing them, I couldn’t tell the difference between the motor of the T300RS and a Fanatec CSL DD from 5 nm at first glance.

The game feel is realistic, even making you doubt you’re using a mid-range steering wheel. Steering is responsive and precise, with no latency or dead center. As I said earlier, using the T300RS for sim-racing is breathtaking, especially with its maximum rotation angle of 1080°.

The only weak point in this bundle is the Crankset. It’s a blot on a picture that could have been perfect for the price. Made entirely of plastic, it’s mute in feel and feel, for that matter. This is a missed opportunity for Thrustmaster, which could have decimated all the competition in this segment.

Test and review of the Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel


The T300RS is an officially licensed PlayStation steering wheel, making it compatible with PS4, PS5, and PC. There are virtually no settings to make it work on these platforms, and the PC offers a better wheel configuration for those looking for that.

As far as setups are concerned, the T300RS is so well-designed and easy to use that it is compatible with virtually all cockpits on the market, including those from Playseat. If you’re interested, I’ve already given my opinion on various cockpits from this brand, which you can find by clicking here.

Value for money

Currently, the Thrustmaster T300RS makes 330 € on special offer and 350 € off. If you set aside the pedalboard that comes with it, the T300RS remains a steering wheel with excellent value for money. You won’t find a better steering wheel in this segment, especially at this price. But the T3PA crankset is just one of the drawbacks of this steering wheel.

My verdict

The Thrustmaster T300RS remains a superb steering wheel for beginners or sim-racing enthusiasts. Offering unique racing immersion, this steering wheel has virtually no rivals in its segment.

The only thing I’d like to change about this steering wheel is its pedals, which are too simple, providing no in-game feel. At worst, you have the T300RS GT (which I also gave my opinion right here), which has a better crankset but is more expensive. If you’re interested, I’ve also done an article on the 6 Best Steering Wheels for Sim Racing in 2023which I invite you to discover.